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Yunnan Luck Air Case Study Essay - 1721 Words

1. What are Yunnan Lucky Air’s best options? Luck Air had a great business model, and that was to follow the same model as Southwest Airlines in the United States. Because Luck Air is considered a domestic airline in China they operate on a small scale compared to major competitors and so it made economical sense to offer low-cost, high-efficiency to their customers. In 2007 Lucky Air was able to more than double the amount of passengers from the year before by using a low-cost tactic. However other airlines have also caught on to offering low-cost fares for domestic routes to their passengers. With more competitors Lucky Air has decided to look at the possibility of taking a risk and to focus on e-commerce. Backed by their parent†¦show more content†¦Of the total travel market only 1% was generated from the online travel market, and consumers still depended on customer call centers to confirm payment status. To counteract the risks it is important that Lucky Air create an effective business-consumer-business mod el that will do the obvious and draw consumers to their site and make an online purchase of airfare. To draw in consumers Lucky Air will need to focus on Web 2.0, which is the unique feature or features of e-commerce and the Internet coming together as applications and social media technologies. Web 2.0 will allow for a better online experience with inter-human connections, consumer interacted blogs and the staff to constantly monitor the site to provide consumer feedback. Web 2.0 is crucial to providing customer relationship management. Promoting reviews from consumers in regards to destinations and airline experience are important so the consumer can feel they are important enough to expose the truth from other consumers even negative remarks. But the single most important part of focusing on e-commerce is the ability to provide a online experience and advanced technology that enables customer self-service without the need for multiple customer call centers. Customers should be able to pay for fares, cancel fares, use a safe payment method that can verify a credit card, check on the status of flights and use rewards programsShow MoreRelatedLucky Air the Beginning727 Words   |  3 Pages1. What are Yunna Lucky Air’s best options? Lucky Air chose to follow the model of the Southwest Airlines in the United States. Lucky Air is a domestic airline located in China. Because it is a low-cost and high-efficiency airline it doubled the amount of passengers since 2007. E-commerce was a risk Luck Air decided to take on because other airlines were now offering low-cost high-efficiency flights. E-commerce by definition is commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet. ThisRead MoreE-Commerce at Yunnan Lucky Air5422 Words   |  22 PagesE-commerce at Yunnan Lucky Air Inaki Berenguer, Cai Shijun, Li Liang, Liu Jing, Ningya Wang Preserve the essence of traditional Chinese culture while learning from successful models of the world. - Yunnan Lucky Air, statement of corporate culture Fortune had favored Yunnan Lucky Air. Four years after its founding in 2004, Lucky Air had grown into a US$104.3 million (RMB720 million) low-cost airline, serving domestic routes from its hub in Kunming, the capital of southwestern China’s Yunnan province

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My Childhood Memories of Good and Evil Essay - 623 Words

My days were happy ones before I started going to school, as I had lots of neighbors to play with from morning till dark. We played games outdoors and rode about on our bicycles happily. The undeveloped woods behind our homes provided endless opportunities for adventure. There were also many other games to occupy our time. My earliest recollection of fear was when I was barely four years old. To this day I can still remember vividly my physical and social surroundings during the event. As I lay on my back in my family room I tossed a rubber ball up and down as I tried to ignore the boring TV program my father was watching: the evening news. All of a sudden my curiosity awoke when I heard the newscaster say the word, kidnapped. I†¦show more content†¦It was only about 5 in the evening, but at that instant the night sky turned dark and cold. I no longer felt like an invincible child, safe from all harm. I never saw the picture of the boy on the news, because I blocked my eyes from seeing his face and having to remember it forever. As a result of this instance, I became less trusting of strangers, and less willing to be alone, even if it was only to go to bed for the night. Also, I would never read articles or watch the news if the story was about a child that was missing. My favorite childhood T V program was Punky Brewster, I think the only episode I missed was when her friend was kidnapped. Though this early recollection of the child being kidnapped was harmful, there were news stories that allowed me to grow and dream about in a childhood fantasy world again. My next recollection of a news event was when I was about five years old. It was the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Their televised wedding was the first time I had ever watched TV for that long at one sitting time. Not only did the televised wedding have an impact on me, but all the events that lead up to this miraculous event. Before I saw their wedding on TV I had felt sorry for Diana, she seemed like a lost soul. The press portrayed her just an ordinary kindergarten teacher, until her prince rescued her. I thought about how lucky she was to marry into the royal family. I can still envision the moment. As IShow MoreRelatedThe Brothers Karamazov By Fyodor Dostoevsky1444 Words   |  6 Pagesfollow such constricted conditions. I will be studying characters from The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Do stoevsky, characters such as Alyosha who is said to be good by nature and Dimitry who is impulsive and emotional and naturally acts before he thinks. I argue that if against all odds of nature and uncontrollable circumstance one turns good, by definition of the novel, like Demitri or Ivan, possibly, that person should be the â€Å"hero.† In exploring this idea based on a perspective of information providedRead MoreMy Childhood Experience1389 Words   |  6 PagesEverybody has grown up differently. Everybody has different stories, different memories, and different hardships that have shaped who they are as a person. When most people think of their childhood they think of family night board games. They think of running off to the park with their best friends, laughing on swingsets and hopping scotch until they were out of breath. They have memories of vacations, funny stories at family gatherings, or that one time they fell of their bike and their dad carriedRead MoreA Long Way Gone By Beah967 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough story telling. In Ishmael Beah’s riveting memoir, A Long Way Gone, Beah explores the idea that reminiscing upon joyful memories and loved ones when undergoing distress, allows children to be able to recover from their loss of innocence through the use of imagery, foreshadowing, and flashback s. Evidently, Beah is seen throughout the story recalling every childhood memory to aid him through survival. In the beginning, Beah states that he was first, â€Å"touched by war at the age of 12† (Beah 6). ThisRead MoreAugustine Reflection Essay1386 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom the study of Holy scriptures as apposed to the spirit defiling classical studies that have a tendency to promote sin. However, in order for one to reach the same conclusion as Augustine, one must consider his lessons learned from infancy, childhood, and adolescence. First, Augustine has many questions about his soul before birth, and his infancy, that he does not remember, and ultimately learns the lesson by dismissing the responsibility for his sinful actions, because he can’t rememberRead MoreEssay Fairy Tales Shape Our Childhood and Our Future1252 Words   |  6 Pagestook a seat beside my good friend, Adam, and logged on to my computer and started my work. I looked into multiple useless websites about fairytales and folktales only to find meaningless opinions and wrong outdated information. When I finally found a few perfect websites it was easy to fill out all the information I needed. The hard part was citing my information because I didn’t quite think things through beforehand and exited out of most of the tabs that I needed. That was not my biggest mistake though;Read MoreThe Theory Of Nature Vs. Nurture1680 Words   |  7 Pagescompared to Perry. Capote mentions that Dick grew up as an all-star athlete, maintained good standing grades in school, dated girls often and cared deeply about his family, and nevertheless, ends up as a cruel and malicious criminal. Some believe that Dick was a natural born killer who, despite his kind and stable upbringing, inevitably would have adapted a life of crime. Dick exemplifies how malicious intent and evil essence could be implanted by nature and greatly determined his future. Dick may haveRead MoreMy Experience With My Own Life1551 Words   |  7 Pagespersonalities that come naturally, but many are nurtured through experiences one has. Through my own life experiences from what I consider a decent, normal childhood into now a happy grown adult. Many of my personalities have remained the same while other parts have changed as has life changed especially since becoming a mother. Now, the experiences and personalities I’ll further describe are from my viewpoint and if you ask my friends or family members their opinions it may change slightly. As a viewpoin t isRead MorePoems to Reminisce Childhood1443 Words   |  6 Pagesor reminiscing over it, everyone experiences childhood; the experience elicits a large spectrum of emotions from every reader. The poems ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’ by Alice Walker, ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Gabriel Okara, and ‘Piano’ by D.H. Lawrence explore the theme of childhood from different perspectives. In ‘Once Upon A Time’, Okara explores childhood as a time of vulnerability, where safety and protection are needed. Walker’s ‘Poem at 39’ views childhood as a time when one can start to progress to theirRead MorePersonal Narrative : Life Without Memories1430 Words   |  6 Pageswithout Memories It’s been around five months since my grandmother passed away, and I remember the night that she passed away as if it was seconds ago. I remember grabbing my grandmother s shoulder and saying, â€Å"Grandma Wake up, aren’t we going to watch a movie.† My grandmother didn’t move and right then I felt something snap. I started yelling wake up, and crying in disbelief. I couldn’t process that in my mind because it was my first time seeing a dead person. Every time that comes to my mind,Read More Analysis of a Horses by Edwin Muir Essay854 Words   |  4 Pagesforget the past and live in the present. However, Edwin Muir’s ‘Horses’ is a poem of past memories only. The interesting part is that it deals with many conflicts and issues which are prevalent even today. It is thus a bridge between the past and present and is expressed in the form of a piece of literature. Muir himself said that in writing about horses in this poem, he was reflecting his childhood view of his father’s plough horses, which must have seemed huge, powerful and mysterious to

Serial Killers And Society Essay Example For Students

Serial Killers And Society Essay The nineteen-seventies was an incredible decade. It was a decade of change, one of freedom, a time for great music. It was also an incredible decade for shock, fear and serial killers. John Wayne Gacy, an amateur clown, was a pedophiliac homosexual. He tortured and killed thirty three little boys and stored their remains under his house. David Berkowitz, a.k.a. the Son of Sam, stalked New York City from nineteen-sixty-seven to nineteen-seventy-seven. He claimed to have been following a voice from his dog that told him when and where to kill. Ted Bundy, who is believed to have killed at least thirty-four people, was charged for only three under his own defense- and in fact, he was commended by the judge for his own defense. He wasput to death. With the combination of a very powerful media and a society fascinated with gruesome, sadistic crimes, modern serial killers have been put in the spotlight. We are enraptured with serial killers so much, that we pay seven dollars to go see a mov ie where everyone except the bad guys gets strangled, mutilated, or shot- and enjoy it in some sick way. The media goes out of its way to glamorize murder and terrify the public. We support killers like Charles Manson on Death Row with our tax dollars. In fact, we support them with more than that. About two months ago there was an art show in California entitled: The Death Row Art Show III. Pieces sold for thousands of dollars regardless of their aesthetic appeal, because of the identity of the artists. Serial killers are becoming as popular as rock stars. Serial killers are a development of the industrial world; they really didnt come about until the late eighteen-hundreds when society was becoming modernized and the threat of the new age sort of displaced some individuals so much they felt they had to kill to get their point across to society. Jack the Ripper is probably the most notorious killer in history because he established the serial killer profile. Ripper set up a pattern for the new line of mass murderers who would follow in the tradition of a truly organized killer. He had a sexual obsession with prostitutes that led him to target complete strangers for a days work. When he was done, he laid his victim out in a ritualistic manner with various disemboweled items placed strategically on or around the victims corpse. Of course, murder has been around for centuries, committed by under-educated thieves. No one was interested in meeting, and hearing about a poor peasant that slit someones throat in a dark alley. But ever since the introduction of serial killers into our society, with their precision and strategy of the murder, the media became fascinated with these people, and so did society. So instead of killing or punishing these horrible people, we now have television networks arguing over movie rights to the killers story. News shows fighting to get the exclusive interview. T-shirts with the killers faces on them(e.g.. the famous Manson T-shirt). The only explanation I can offer is that we are still obsessed with our own mortality, and we always will be. As long as we die, well be fascinated by those who seem to be invincible from death like, serial killers, Hitlerits almost as is we like to see the act of death itself, over and over, to observe the exact moment- or what it is that puts us over that incredible brink between life and death. I can honestly say I am fascinated with the serial killer. But since when did we condone the practice of serial killers? Why arentthey put to death promptly after being convicted, instead of being kept alive for the media to interview? You have to wonder who is making money in this. When we allow people like this to dominate our media, its like were saying its all right to murder. Did society and the media forget that the victims of those serial killers are us and our families? Its not the serial killers that affected the twentieth century so much, but the spotlight that allowed them to grow. Maybe if not for all the attention, there wouldnt of been so many deaths. There are so many maybes, so many problems. But it all comes down to one thing, basically, money. The media will do just about anything for money. When are they going to learn that they have been corrupting the minds and souls of observers everywhere? Works CitedYofee, Ellen B. Here Pigs! Gear October 1995: 10-12The editor s of Time Life Books Serial Killers. Alexandria, Virginia: Time Life Books, 1992.

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lady lazarus Essay Example

lady lazarus Essay Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath Lady Lazarus is a poem by Sylvia Plath, which is about the three attempts of suicide of the narrator who corresponds to the poetess in many ways. And Lazarus is considered as a man, at the command of Jesus, who rises from the dead, in the Testament of the Bible. The poem starts by telling us that she had done it again. We do not know what this â€Å"it† is yet. In every decade, she manages to do this act that we do not know what it is about. The narrator sees herself as a walking miracle and describes it with a bright skin, a paperweight right foot and a face looks like Jew linen. She speaks to an unidentified enemy and says that her â€Å"sour breath will vanish in a day†. We see that she compares herself to a victim of Holocaust and states that she is 30 years old and like a cat, she has nine lives. Later on we understand that â€Å"it† connotes to dying, but she keeps returning to life again and again like a cat. In her first attem pt to suicide, it was an accident she says, and the second one was intentional. She did not expect to return from it. She thinks â€Å"dying† is an art -like everything else- and believes that she does it well. It is like a theatrical event for her and thinks that everyone comes to see her doing it. In fact, it seems like she’s performing the third suicide in front of a crowd (which she explains â€Å"peanut-crunching crowd†) in a place which seems like a circus. Then she thinks that she has been burning to death in a crematorium in Concentration Camp. At the end of the poem she warns â€Å"Herr God† and â€Å"Herr Lucifer† to beware, because she is going to rise again from the ash and â€Å"eat men like air†. This poem of Plath’s is so dark and full of death imageries. It is estimated that this poem could be an autobiography because she is known for her suicidal acts, and she had committed suicide by sticking her head in a gas oven s hortly after writing this poem. The

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Internship Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor

Internship Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor Abstract Overwhelming challenges of the 21st century force many people to use drugs, as they are unable to keep up with the pace of the contemporary life. Many people become addicts and they are unable to handle the issues associated with their addiction.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Internship: Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, counseling is coming to the fore, as counselors are able to assist drug addicts to quit their harmful habit and effectively integrate into the community. This paper dwells upon the internship at Legacy Services (New York). The intern shadowed a substance abuse counselor to gain the necessary experience for practice. It is necessary to note that participation in sessions and multi-disciplinary staff meetings; observation and contribution to development of certain treatments strategies equipped the intern with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help him be an efficient drug abuse counselor. Moreover, strong and weak sides of the Legacy Services are analyzed and conclusions are made. In the end of the work discussion of the main presented ideas is introduced. Recommendations and possible implications of the main ideas of the work are suggested. Introduction Statement of the Problem The issue of substance abuse counseling includes why people use drugs and to understand the effects on their health. It also considers the effects of drugs on one’s health as well as the resulting mental health issues because of substance abuse. Substance abuse has been around for years,and individuals are not aware of how to identify and learn to cope with the challenges of addiction. Additionally, behavioral assessments, intervention, multidisciplinary management, preparation, education, and program development and execution made huge changes in participants’ substance abuse behaviors (Babinski,Pelham, Waxmonsky, 2013). Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Babinski et al. (2013),counseling for people who depend on chemicals requires some skills for it to be effective. Also, most participants prefer counseling that is done by specialists(Babinski et al., 2013). However, severalprograms of substance abuse were examined; all engaged moralistic group settings on various clinical issues, which showed the programscould affect participants’ treatment(Greenfield Venner, 2012). The programs should be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide the participants to their future endeavors or self-sufficiency(Dufour et al., 2014). Also, counselors’failure to keep up with modern information to encourage the participant’schange of behavior could lead to relapse. Relapsing into drugs or alcohol abuse can occur even after long periods of sobriety (Greenfield Venn er, 2012).Therefore, the reason why it is critical for the counselors in this field to utilize the emerging knowledge to help participants who are drug addicts. Purpose of the Internship The internship period is to gain in-depth knowledge of mental health by acquiring new emerging information from the mentor,concerning people who have health impairments (Greenfield Venner, 2012). It will enable the intern to learn and take an active role in shaping individuals’ lives and assisting people and their families with mental problems. Emerging information is important in helping participants who have advanced mental problems to improve healthcare outcomes. He will learn basic counseling skills from the mentor as well as knowledge about ethical issues to be considered during the helping process (Wallace, Brown, Hilton, 2014).The learner wouldlearncurrent data to monitor the progress of a participant of the program using emerging methods of data collection.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Internship: Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, he would learn to understand the needs of participants and the possible causes of mental disabilities (Greenfield Venner, 2012). Review of Literature Risk for Substance Abuse Over the past two decades, researchers have tried to reveal the factors behind the beginning of substance abuse and the progression to addiction (Corte Szalacha, 2010). Main risk factors lead to the increase of a person’s chance to become abused. However, there are several protective factors that reduce personal risk. Main risk factors for substance abuse are different for every person and affect people at different stages of lives. The substance abuse counselors focus on the risk factors before initiating the counseling approaches (Corte Szalacha, 2010). In the case of children, risk factors include aggressive behavior, social difficult ies, or academic failure. The risks, such as aggressive behavior,can be controlled by helping children develop appropriate positive attitudes in life and prevent further risk. Other factors, such as poverty, peer influence, drug availability, and lack of parental supervision, mainly affect the youth. The more a person is predisposed to the risks, the higher are the chances of substance abuse. Ineffective parenting and a guardian who is involved in substance abuse increase the risk of children and adolescents to substance abuse. According to Gallagher (2014), the highest risk of substance abuse are adolescents. For this reason, the counselors focus on preventive interventions and support skills of enhancing protective factors of substance abuse (Gallagher, 2014). Clinical level of evidence-based There are several clinical evidence-based approaches applied to deal with substance abuse (Smith Liu, 2014). Several statewide initiatives of substance abuse treatment systems have been grow ing in the past decade as a result of movements towards evidence-based practice in health care systems.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The importance of using the scientific clinical advances in intervention of clinical practices has been emphasized by many scholars. Several psychological evidence-based programs have been utilized in the approaches to substance abuse. Clinical expertise is important in the translation of scientific evidence-based approaches into practice that include the behavioral approaches and Pharmacotherapies. The health care providers are supposed to develop statements that assist them in identifying the appropriate intervention for the clinical circumstances (Corte Szalacha, 2010). The pharmacotherapy approaches include nicotine replacement therapies: application of drugs, such as bupropion, methadone, and naltrexone: and combination of drugs with behavioral treatment. Behavioral approaches focus on abstinence and modification of peoples’ behaviors as well as their attitudes about substance abuse. Additionally, they include cognitive behavior therapy, contingency management interventi ons, motivational enhancement, and community reinforcements (Gordon, 2013). The Effects on the Body Substance abuse has adverse effects on the body, such as mental health problems (Corte Szalacha, 2010).For instance, continuous abuse of cannabis results in mental health problems, such as schizophrenia. Substance abuse predisposes a person to diseases, such as asthma, heart diseases, and lung cancer. Cocaine is known to be over-stimulating, causing pregnancy complications, such as stillbirths and miscarriages. Also, substance abuse can expose a person to diseases, such as HIV, because of sharing of injecting devices. According to Gallagher (2014), the substances weaken the immune system, cause memory problems, and excessive dehydration (Gallagher, 2014). The Burden of Substance Abuse between Nations Substance abuse poses a significant threat to the health, economic and social status of the affected families, communities, and the countries (Smith Liu, 2014). In year 2000, substance a buse contributed to 12.4% of all deaths worldwide (Gallagher, 2014). The calculation of adjusted life years in Mexico and the United States indicated that the life lost because of premature mortality related to substance abuse is on the rise. The burden of the disease in disability-adjusted life years is high in the United Kingdom and the United States as compared to African and Mediterranean countries. Substance abuse has both economic and health effects on the nations affected. For instance, evidence-based prevention and treatment costs can save the U.S. government up to $10 in subsequent costs of every $1 spent (Gordon, 2013). The ones involved in the abuse cannot unleash their full potential in economic growth as the productivity is reduced. Productivity losses estimated at $ 120 billion, calculated as labor and non-participation, are significant in the United States. Similarly, studies have identified a 0.4 % loss in GDP in Canada as a result of non-labor participation because of substance abuse (Gordon, 2013). The situation is similar in Australia that experienced 0.3 % GDP loss (Gallagher, 2014). The Determinants of Health and Health Inequity The health of a person includes an individual’s well being physically, mentally, and emotionally (Regina Valeria, 2014). Several factors determine the health of a person. These include the genetics and physiology of a person, such as the sex and age. Individual behavior, such as substance abuse, plays a significant role in determining a person’s health. The social and physical environment as well as the interaction determines the health status of an individual as he or she is expose to several diseases causing factors, such as stress, discrimination, and overcrowding. Health inequity is mainly determined by infrastructure, health services, and policy formulations (Gordon, 2013). Discrimination in the access of health services affects the approaches to substance abuse because of health inequity. Acces s to quality health care minimizes the causes of health inequity in societies. The health policies formulated should take into consideration the disparities and variations in achievement of quality health care (Regina Valeria, 2014). Social and economic factors Social and economic factors have a significant influence on the substance abuse (Corte Szalacha, 2010). For instance, poverty and socioeconomic status of a family can make a person turn to substance abuse to find solace. It is a result of lack of basic human needs such, as food, shelter, education, and proper health care. The social structures and factors in the community play a significant role in substance abuse as they determine the peer influence. The familial and demographic factors are important predictors of substance abuse (Gordon, 2013). Besides, research studies have established a relationship between the parent socioeconomic status and substance abuse. Parents have a tremendous influence on their children to desis t or initiate substance abuse. Peer influence plays a great part as socialization can initiate substance abuse (Gordon, 2013). Physical and environmental factors Many people do not understand how others initiate substance abuse and addiction (Gordon, 2013). However, physical and environmental factors explain the situation. The environment in which a person lives has different influences on substance abuse. These include the access to drugs such as those living in urban areas and the general quality of life. The socioeconomic status of friends and families can either increase or limit access to these substances. Peer influence, bad parenting, physical or sexual violence and high level of stress influence the escalation of substance abuse. Similarly, the availability of drugs is the primary physical factor related to substance abuse. The development of the effective prevention strategies for the substance abuse counselors is based on the knowledge of the risk and protective factors (C orte Szalacha, 2010). Individual behaviors/characteristics Individual behaviors and characteristics of substance abuse determine the type of approach chosen by the counselor (Gallagher, 2014). The characteristics indicate the level of addiction and dependence. People who have already become addicted to different substances exhibit the characteristics of an overwhelming and repetitive urge to them. The substance abuse has become a part of their lives and a life’s priority. They experience problems in their wok or schools as their performances are low. Besides, irritability and confusion are common among the addicts (Gordon, 2013). The victims of substance abuse experience changes in their attitude and behavior because of mood swings and reduced inhibitions. They include suicidal behaviors and self-imposed isolation (Gordon, 2013). Strategies/Recommendations Prevention of substance abuse is dealt with by first recognizing the risk and protective factors. Counselors play a vital role in designing the strategies (Garner, 2009). The initial strategies are personal. They include helping the person deal with peer pressure. Teens and adolescents start substance abuse as a result of peer pressure. They should find a plan for resisting the pressure. Dealing with life pressures such as stress is an effective prevention strategy that helps a person to cope with life rather than turning to substance abuse. The counselors should help those seeking help for the people with mental problems that result from substance abuse. These include post-traumatic stress, Schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. Before the initiation of behavioral or pharmacological therapies, it is necessary to the counselors to examine the risk factors. They include the social, environmental, and economic factors to give an overview of the problem and identify the appropriate therapies. The strategies undertaken depend on the level of addiction. There are several promising strategies to end substa nce abuse. These include: law enforcement, treatment, and prevention strategies. The prevention strategies comprise community-based processes, prevention education in learning institutions, as well as the environmental approaches that promote policies reducing the risk factors. The preventive measures should start early in life and proceed to adolescence (Corte Szalacha, 2010). Building of family bonds is essential in promoting responsible parenting. The treatment strategies include an emphasis on family-based treatment, rehabilitation of the addicts, and other programs according to the clinicians. Law enforcement is a crucial strategy for dealing with substance abuse and reducing the number of such cases. Introduction of tough penalties can deter adolescents and teenagers from engaging in substance abuse. Additionally, law enforcement includes the community policing to give insights of drug availability in the societies. Commitment and follow-up of the affected are essential to ach ieving the desired results of the programs (Garner, 2009). Methods and Procedures Method There is one method used in the writing of this paper. The method will be developmental. Procedures Sites Specifics Mentor The mentor is James Brown, MA, M.Ed, LCDC; he is an experienced Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who helps clients who are referred to his Behavioral and Public Health Department, which helps participants globally. The mentor is also an instructor of a mental health program, and he utilizes effective skills to help people who are addicted and have become dependents. The counselor has 15 years of experience and has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Bachelor of Science in Government, Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Education Degree. The mentor has good communication skills and creates a good rapport with clients. He dresses modestly, speaks fluently, and sits in an upright posture during counseling sessions. Facility The facility is named Legacy Ser vices. The department has other workers who work in collaboration with the mentor, but in different departments. Population served Behavioral and Public Health Department serves people of different ages whose behaviors have been affected by drugs and have experienced difficulties in coping with the demands of life. It is notable that young adults and adults are the most affected. With regard to the population that the intern would be handling in this department, he would be helping the trainer to offer services to about 200 persons in a day. The participants would be alcoholics and persons who abuse other drugs and who would not able to cope without them (Carroll, De Leon, Joseph, Winick, 2013). The intern would coordinate with his mentor to monitor the progress of participants. Internship objectives Specifically, the intern want to learn how to understand substance abuse group and individual sessions in a therapy and counseling setting or environment. The learning objectives inclu de the following: The intern will learn to identify signs and symptoms that are associated with mental problems. The intern will learn to identify the challenges in participants’ daily lives, such as addressing boundaries, anger management, denial, minimization and blame. The intern will learn to identify the fourethical dilemmas related to substance abuse counselling, such as beneficence, do no harm; autonomy, independent living, give the participant the benefit of the doubt; justice, fair and equal treatment, and fidelity, keep promises to participants. The intern will learn how to identify participants’ detoxification needs such as signs and symptoms of withdrawal, screening and evaluation during intake process. Schedule of activities Internship activities are scheduled to take place from November 3, 2014 to January 7, 2015.Also, allactivities will be used to facilitate the learning of the objectives. Table 1 Schedule of Activities Week Activity Hours 1 The i ntern would participated in various group sessions as part of orientation to counseling. Introduction to basic emerging counseling skills was achieved during this period. 8 2 The intern shadowed the mentor on intensive outpatient sessions using 12-step and clinical modalities treatment to bring about a positive change in the participants life. 8 3 The intern shadowed the mentor and observe emerging individual counseling boundaries or taking notes of the daily sessions. 8 4 The intern shadowed the mentor on how to identify diagnosis classification and the type of mental issues a participant would report during intake process. 8 5 The intern participated in treatment preparation and conceptualization. 8 6 The intern shadowed the mentor on this day by carrying out research by utilizing modern methods of peer-reviewed research from the State website. This information was used to better educate the participants of new techniques. 8 7 The intern listened to the mentor educate him about the types of addictions, how addictions occur, and how to deal with addiction. The mentor educated two separate groups of participants. 8 8 The intern participated in crisis intervention and primary care integration. 8 9 The intern attended seminars learning about emerging issues in mental health. 8 10 The intern shadowed the mentor while he collaborated meetings with multi-disciplinary staff. 8 Total hours 80 Learning benefit The learning benefit that the intern will be expected to receive during this mentor internship experience on addiction and substance abuse counseling was important because of the need to learn the challenging face-to-face counseling group’stechniques, crisis intervention supports and tools that would enable the intern to build on counseling skills. The intern believe these skills would helpwith the progress from a simpler and immature phase to a more complex level of maturity about addiction. Current employment The intern is employ ed as a Health Crisis Coordinator and coordinates many programs, for example, behavioral and public health, injury and disability, vocational and employment services. Most of his assignments are conducted domestically; however, he does travel to London from time to time. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Arts in Education degree. Also, he holds a Post-Specialty Certificate in Emergency Management and Post-Master’s Certificate in Professional Counseling. Search procedure Libraries used There was only one library used to search for sources for this project. The Counseling Professions Division Library at Southern Mills University and Google Scholarwas used for the project. Search engines and databases used The following databases were used to search for the sources for this project. The databases werePubMed and PsycINFO and MEDline (EBSCO) and Global Health and Alt Health Watch and MEDLINE (Ovid). Search terms Several search terms were used to ident ify sources for this project. The search terms included (a) Behavioral Health, (b) Substance Abuse,(c) Behavioral Therapy, (d) Public Health, (e) Behavioral Treatment, and (f) Alcoholism. Boolean strings Boolean strings were considered for the literature search. No Boolean strings were used in the literature search. Age of the sources The significant literature will be reviewed. Sources from the last 5 years will be considered for inclusion in the review of literature. No historical or seminal articles will be considered. Inclusion criteria There were four inclusion criteria. Inclusion criteria included (a) literature published since 2010, (b) English-language text, (c) peer-reviewed articles, and (d) Web sites relating to shadowing a substance abuse counselor. Exclusion criteria There were fourexclusion criteria.The exclusion criteria included (a) literature published before 2010,(b) text not published in English, (c) articles not peer reviewed, and (d) Web sites not relating to sh adowing a substance abuse counselor. Results Introduction The internship is a highly valuable experience for the intern who wants to improve his/her skills and knowledge in the sphere of drug abuse and mental health That is why, it is vital for him/her to choose the right institution which can guarantee his/her further development as a professional. Resting on this fact, it can be recommended to draw an interns attention to the Legacy Services. The Legacy Services is a company which promotes development of knowledge and awareness of the issue of substance abuse among interns. Being very efficient and credible company, it can guarantee high level of its services and professionalism of its workers. However, having its main strengths it also has its weak sides. That is why, it is important to investigate the company precisely to determine the main aspects of its work to understand better the main regularities according to which it functions. Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, opportuni ties, and Threats Strengths The first strength of Legacy Services is a highly reputable company that provides quality services. Its reputation in terms of the provision of superior substance abuse counseling services elevates its credibility in enabling an intern to obtain the set of objectives. The organization also has qualified staff members who act as its strength in the provision of services. Secondly, the organization upholds integrity at all its levels of operation. Thirdly, there are adequate resources that include training kits, office space, finance, working incentives among others that aid service delivery. Weaknesses Although clear strengths of the organization have been identified, it is, however, difficult for identification of weaknesses to be indicated at this time. The weaknesses are always identified when an experience has already been achieved either positive or negative. Therefore, it is prudent for the weaknesses to be enumerated later because of more time is ne eded. Opportunities The underlying opportunities why the intern selected the institution are based on its capacity to expand its customer base, counseling services and revenue base. The organization is promising based on its strategic plans that are formulated already. In particular, the expected customer growth rate makes the organization so attractive for interns who expect to offer services to some of the customers. Increase revenue amounts or financial capacity of the company may also help in hiring some of the interns hence its preference. Likewise, the advancement of counseling services indicates a wider knowledge on counseling matters that is noble for interns. Threats Probable threats the organization has the potential of facing that may impede the realization of the set objectives of an intern including high enrolment rate, lack of divergent funding sources and competition. In particular, people enroll for the internship position in the organization more than it can accommo date. This makes it difficult for prospecting interns to be sure of getting the privilege of working there. Secondly, the company faces stiff competition from other rival institutions that focus on providing counselling services. The high rate of competition may affect its reputation and stature in the society. The institution also has limited sources of funding that may affect its capacity of accommodating more interns who aspire to acquire experience. Based on the institution’s SWOT analysis, it is evident that it holds the capacity of ensuring that the intern receives best results. The choice is good for intern in a broader perspective given that its strengths and opportunities outweigh its weaknesses and threats. Discussion During the internship, interns are able to observe the way seasoned counselors work and the way clients respond to the treatment. This internship can be seen as one of such experiences. The intern was fully integrated in the process. Thus, he participa ted in numerous sessions where he could note peculiarities of behavior of the mentor and clients, strategies employed during the sessions, the way clients respond to this or that strategy. The intern could also trace possible signs of clients’ potential relapse. The intern took part in meetings with multi-disciplinary staff and this was a very important experience. Cooperation with different professionals enabled the counselor to provide high-quality services to clients and make sure their needs could be met. Importantly, the intern had an opportunity to collaborate with mentor and develop some treatment strategies. This was a remarkable experience as the intern obtained many insights from his mentor during development of the strategies. Admittedly, it is impossible to gain such experience through reading books and articles. The intern obtained an opportunity to observe quite conventional as well as extraordinary cases as all people are different and they often face quite dif ferent challenges. The intern could feel the specific atmosphere, which is created during sessions. These observations and shadowing enabled the intern to get certain confidence, which will be crucial for his future career. Conclusions Having analyzed the data, it is possible to make certain conclusions. The issue of substance abuse counseling is very important nowadays within the framework of the increase of level of abuse among people. That is why, the need in professionals who can provide qualified advice for a person who suffers from the substance abuse is obvious. With this in mind, some patterns for preparation of qualified interns should be suggested. Taking into account complexity and topicality of the issue, the analysis of the methodology and main objectives of internship was also provided. Moreover, the importance of practice for internship should also be mentioned as it allows an intern to obtain knowledge which is not available in books or some other sources. Great sign ificance of the process of teaching and preparation of interns should also be remembered. Implications It is obvious, that the main ideas presented in the work should be adopted as it can promote improvement of the situation connected with the issue of substance abuse. Implication of the main points mentioned in the work can guarantee further development of knowledge in this sphere. Moreover, the issue of training of the professionals who are ready to consult people who suffer from substance abuse can become very helpful in terms of blistering growth of this kind of dependence. Main methods outlined in the work can also be applied to the process of training of new interns as they will allow increase of the level of efficiency of interns and general improvement of the situation. With this in mind, the data presented should be studied and taken into account in order to provide better understanding of the issue. Recommendations Having analyzed the issue, it is possible to make several recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to say that the change of the existing system of internship is needed. The emphasis should be made on practice as only it can allow better knowledge and practical skills among interns. Moreover, some new methods should be applied to existing system for it to be more modern. However, there is one more recommendation. It goes without saying, that the further investigation of this issue is necessary. Within the framework of the increase of number of people who suffer from substance abuse, it is very important to investigate different methods to prevent it. Taking this fact into account, it is possible to say that internship which allows students to obtain practical knowledge can serve as the first stage in better understanding of the problem of substance abuse. References Babinski, D. E., Pelham, W. E., Waxmonsky, J. G. (2013). Cognitive-behavioral therapy for pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder complicated by stigma: A case study.   Clinical Case Studies, 15(34), 65-77. Carroll, J. F., De Leon, G., Joseph, H., Winick, C. (2013). Reflections on the past, present, and the future of the chemical dependency treatment field: Four unique perspectives.  Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 31(1), 107-120. Corte, C., Szalacha, L. (2010). Self-cognitions, risk factors for alcohol problems, and drinking in preadolescent urban youths. Journal of Child Adolescent Substance Abuse, 19(5), 406-423. Dufour, S. P., Graham, S., Friesen, J., Rosenblat, M., Rous, C.,Richardson, J. (2014). Physiotherapists supporting self-management through health coaching: A mixed methods program evaluation. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 10(1), 1-10. Gallagher, S. (2014). Treatment strategies for forensic psychologists working with clients dealing with substance abuse, legal charges, and enabling parents. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 14(2), 158-168. Gordon, A. (2013). Substance abuse journal: New beginnings. Substance Abuse, 34(4), 339-341. Regina, C., Valeria, M. (2014). Social determinants of health and inequity among people with disabilities: A Brazilian experience. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 6(11), 326-337. Smith, B., Liu, J. (2014). Latent practice profiles of substance abuse treatment counselors: Do evidence-based techniques displace traditional techniques? Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 46(4), 439-446. Wallace, L. M., Brown, K. E., Hilton, S. (2014). Planning for, implementing and assessing the impactof health promotion and behavior change interventions: Away forward for health psychologists. Health Psychology Review, 8(1), 8-33.

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What Does it Cost to Attend Saint Josephs University?

For the majority of families with college bound students, college costs are a significant concern. CNN reported in 2016 that the average American family was paying more than $100,000 for a four-year degree from a private university. Hence, it’s no surprise that over 85% of college students now receive financial aid. What is a surprise for many families, though, is how difficult it can be to predict college expenses. In this series, we at dive deep into the costs of attending college at hundreds of schools across the country to help you more accurately predict how much you’re likely to pay. To learn more about how much your family might pay for a degree from Saint Joseph’s University, don’t miss this post. College costs vary quite a bit as many different factors affect them. The amount that your family ultimately pays out of pocket for a college degree depends on how much scholarship money and merit aid your students receives, how much financial aid your family is eligible for, and how much the particular college costs to begin with. It is a complicated equation with many pieces that don’t fall firmly into place until late in the college selection process. It can be helpful, though, to learn about the specific factors that impact cost in an effort to better predict your own expenses. One of the biggest factors in determining college costs is the list price at the college your student ultimately attends. List price, also sometimes referred to as the sticker price, is the total cost of attending that college without any financial assistance. It generally includes tuition, room and board, and all necessary fees. Sometimes certain costs are excluded, like room and board at commuter schools, so make sure to confirm what the list price covers when you are comparing list prices from one school to another. The good news is that most families do not end up paying the entire list price. Instead, they pay a net cost that depends on how much financial assistance they receive in the form of institutional aid, merit aid, or federal, state, and local aid. A student’s financial aid package will often consist of a combination of several or all of these types of aid. The types and amount of assistance granted vary from one family and one student to the next making them difficult to predict in advance, but understanding more about them can help your family prepare for this big investment. During the 2016-2017 school year, the list price at St. Joseph’s was $59,574. Because St. Joseph’s is a private school, it does not offer discounts for state residents and the list price remains the same regardless of where you reside. Still, not many students pay the full list price. Those who should expect to do so are generally students with a family income of $175k or more. In 2016, students who received financial aid only had an average net cost of $53,050. Those without financial need who were awarded merit aid had an average net cost of $46,947. Again, these numbers are the same regardless of state of residence. The amount that a family receives in financial aid is highly dependent on how much that family earns. This means that breaking down net cost by family income level can provide important additional insight. At St. Joseph’s, those costs breakdown as follows. Estimating your chance of getting into a college is not easy in today’s competitive environment. Thankfully, with our state-of-the-art software and data, we can analyze your academic and extracurricular profile and estimate your chances. Our profile analysis tool can also help you identify the improvement you need to make to enter your dream school. St. Joseph’s commonly awards merit aid to its students. In 2017, 82% of students without financial need received merit awards. The average merit award for a student without financial need was $12,627. Saint Joseph’s ranks 270th in the pool over 1000 schools we analyzed for merit aid generosity. Loans are also common amongst St. Joseph’s students. In 2017, 79% of students held a loan to help finance his or her education. The average federal student loans per undergraduate student was $6,761. There’s no doubt that college costs represent a significant upfront expense for most families. It can be helpful to consider this a long-term investment, as a college degree generally leads to a lifelong increase in earning potential. Looking at the student outcomes for a particular college can help you gauge the potential return on this investment. At St. Joseph’s, 79% of students who begin a degree complete it within six years. The average salary ten years after graduation is $59,600. There will undoubtedly be other expenses that arise during the course of a four year degree program, and the cost of these will likely be linked to the local economy. Expenses like groceries, transportation, or even off campus housing will add up over the course of four years, so looking at the local cost of living can help you to better anticipate these costs. Saint Joseph’s University is located in Philadelphia, PA. Generally, big cities have a higher cost of living than suburban or rural locations, but Philadelphia is fairly affordable considering its size. The cost of living index in Philadelphia is 110.4 , meaning it is about 10% more expensive than the national average of all cities and towns. While transportation tends to be very expensive in Philadelphia, driving up the total cost of living, housing is surprisingly affordable given its urban setting. Students living off campus will spend about $834/month on a studio apartment or $1493/month on a three-bedroom. The job market in Philadelphia isn’t great, though. Unemployment rates run significantly above average while recent job growth and projected job growth are both slightly below average. Minimum wage in Pennsylvania is the federally mandated minimum of $7.25/hr, a rate which has held since 2009. Current legislation has been proposed to raise it to $12/hr, but nothing has passed as of May 2019. Scholarship money can be another big help when it comes to funding a college education. Many families think of scholarships as something reserved for only the most academically elite students across the country, but in reality they come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular scholarship program is the National Merit Scholarship Program, which has over a million participants each year. High school juniors who take the PSAT are eligible for awards through this program based on their scores. Other awards are also distributed based on PSAT scores by the National Hispanic Recognition Program and awards from specific corporations or colleges. To learn more about the program, check out our post How to Qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program . Scholarships exist on many different levels, too. Some, like the National Merit Scholarship Program, operate nationally and attract large pools of applicants. Others are regional or even local in nature, or have awards received for very specific skills, personal qualities, or backgrounds. You can check out some of the options in these posts: If you’re interested in learning more about college costs, applying for scholarships, and optimizing your student’s application, check out ’s Applications Guidance service. Here, your student will be paired with a personal admissions specialist from a top college who can provide step-by-step guidance through the entire application process, including the funding options available to your family.

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ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY - Essay Example (2002, p. 163) argued that micro-level theories of social psychology are helpful. Another perspective that was offered was from Ridgeway and Correll (2004, p. 510) who argued that cultural beliefs about gender are the key components that maintain and change the gender system. The International Trade Union Confederation reported in 2009 (p. 16), that the gender mean pay gap in the United Kingdom is 19.8% in favour of males. In the United States, based on the National Educational Longitudinal Survey data, Bobbitt-Zeher found that college-educated men in their mid-20s earn on average about $7,000 more than college-educated women on an annual basis (2007, p. 1). Bobbitt-Zeher (2007, p. 1) pointed out that the gap is still substantial at $4,400 per annum if the men and women have the same or similar credentials, scores on tests, specialization, and degrees from similar colleges. Bobbitt-Zeher elaborated (2007, p. 1) that â€Å"gender differences in fields of study continue to disadvantage women.† Further, â€Å"gender differences in work-related factors are more important than are educational differences for understanding income inequality among young workers† (Bobbitt-Zeher 2007, p. 1). Bobbit-Zeher cited that several studies have articulated t hat education may have realized an important role in reducing gender wage gaps over the past few decades. According to Bobbitt-Zeher (2007, p. 3), the following are the sources of gender-income gap: (1) the tendency for certain college majors to be associated with gender; (2) alleged link between standardized tests and gender; (3) the link between gender and amount of education; and (4) the selectivity of the college attended. Cohen and Huffman (2007, p. 681) reported that women representation in management can be a source of gender-wage gap at the workplace. Cohen and Huffman (2007, p. 681) made the conclusion based on statistical results from three-level hierarchical models on data drawn from the